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Frequently Asked Questions


Below, you will find some of the most frequently asked questions here at Omega Crane. Should you have any further questions that aren’t addressed here, please feel free to contact us anytime at 334-617-3292.

Service & Equipment

We offer bare crane rental services.

No, we only offer BARE rental services. We do not provide crane operators.

We provide bare crane rental services across the entire country.

Omega Crane Rental Services offers Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes from Liebherr and Kobelco in the 100-330t size class as well as Tadano Mantis  Telescopic Crawlers from 90-130t. Head to our Equipment page (hyperlink to Equipment page) to find a full list of our cranes and attachments.

The life expectancy of an average crane ranges anywhere from 20-25 years. This dates back to the ‘90s, meaning some operational cranes are over two decades old. Omega Crane offers only the newest cranes, ensuring that you receive only the latest technology and safety enhancements in the industry.

We offer luffing and/or fixed jibs with our equipment as well as 3rd/aux drum capability. See Equipment page (hyperlink to Equipment page) or contact your Omega Crane Representative for more information (insert contact information)

Absolutely. Our experienced crane rental experts can assist you with everything from evaluating the project to choosing the right machine for the job.

Each machine is delivered with an operator’s manual and maintenance instructions per OSHA guidelines. Our experienced service technicians are also available to answer any questions.

Yes, upon initial setup of your machine, Omega Crane Rental provides independent 3rd-party inspections per OSHA guidelines.

Payment & Scheduling


  1. Complete Company name, address, phone number,  and contact person for lease execution.
  2. Complete Company name (if different from above), address, phone number, fax number and contact person at “Ship to” location (job site).
  3. Purchase Order Number, if required.
  4. Name of project general contractor.
  5. Name of project owner.
  6. Expected ship date.
  7. Equipment specifications, ex. boom length, jib length, load block, etc.
  8. Any “Special Project Conditions.”
  9. All orders are subject to credit approval.

We respond to customer needs in as little as 24-48 hours.

Freight charges are based on the individual needs and location of your project and will be assessed as part of the rental process.

Omega Crane Rental requires a new agreement for each machine rented. However, after your initial rental, a “master” agreement is in place for your company, making the process very easy from there on out.